Eric Manyelo aka Aero Manyelo, Dj Aero was born in Zebediela, Limpopo in 1987. At age five his family moved to Ivory Park where he grew up. He developed a strong love for music due to his father, who introduced him into jazz. He later studied at Johannesburg Central College where he completed his Matric. His career as a producer / DJ started when he got his first PC and started making demos. Those demos’s soon made it to the doors of Soul Candi, who invited him to study Sound Engineering, and later BlackwHole Entertainment, who released his first EP called ‘Herbal Island’.


Aero Manyelo performed at the South African Music Conference (SAMC) in 2008 and with the opportunity to get in contact with international DJ’s and producers through BlackwHole Entertainment, he was prepared to expand on an international level. He found insipiration in sharing the DJ booth with artists such as Giggs, Fresca, Clock, Mahoota, Euphonik, Oskido, Black Coffee, Cleo and Tira. On his solo album he worked with producers and vocalists mOgrigo, DJ Veany, Mr. Cee, Zoë Maphala, Samkelo, Rokafela and Dineo. He remixed the track ‘Ce N’est Pas Bon’ for Amadou & Mariam from Malim on the album ‘Welcome to Mali’, the track ‘Fugama Unamate’ by Dj Qness and Oluhle and  ‘Umoja’ by Mzee Wa Afrika and Kampi Moto. Whit his second solo project called ‘Still Black, Aero Manyelo is conquering world stages.