MADERA LIMPIA means clear wood and it emerged end of the 90th from experimenting with wood instruments and rhythms by bandleader Yasel Gonzalez Rivera from Felicidad de Yateras, the cradle of Changüi. Gerald Thomas Collymore joined later on, taking care of arrangements and structure. the band consisting of seven musicians was made known to the international public by the movie and its soundtrack Paraíso“ (by Alina Teodorescu, Sorin Dragoi , 2003): Paraiso is a poetic nostalgic view upon all day life in the city of Guantanamo. the film captures the daily boredom and search for an uncertain future in a place on the edge of the world, far away from the globalization: 

„boredom is what I feel, boredom, boredom, 
step by step everything is more real. I try to express my truth, my global truth, my self esteem is on the bottom… god help me get my feet on the ground…“ sings Yasel in verdad global.

With this occasion the first album with the same title Paraíso was released (2004) which was prompt nominated for the German Records Award.

The film about the deadlock brings Madera Limpias world in motion and history takes its course: “Paraiso“ wins international awards and the interest in the music is awakened: 2005 & 2006 follow europe tours: a cultural chock, a painful journey from shortage into abundance. Madera Limpia absorbs any input and influence: attend concerts, buy CDs, MP3player, jeans or eat the in Cuba sacred beef meat. After three months  the question: What now? And where? Despite all temptations, the musicians return to Cuba. in their mind a new idea: a music which doesn’t deny the past or the system, a music which assimilates the new experiences in europe: La Corona. Convinced that this is a story which has to be told to the world, based upon a vision for the band, Alina Teodorescu charters a new project – producing the new album recorded in Santiago de Cuba and finished in Munich.