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Mokoomba - Luyando

Mokoomba – Luyando

(release date 10.March. 2017 / Outhere Records OH030)   Luyando is the self-produced third album by Zimbabwe’s most celebrated young band Mokoomba. The success of ‚Rising tide‘ and their incredible... read more >>
Mokoomba new on Outhere Records

Mokoomba new on Outhere Records

We are proud to announce a new artist joining our roster. We welcome the young and talented band Mokoomba, one of Zimbabwes leading dance bands of today. We were happy... read more >>
Urban Africa Club - Best of 2015

Urban Africa Club – Best of 2015

Here is our playlist of some of our favorite urban african club tunes 2015. Tune in and visit our blog:   Be it Kinshasa, Cape Town or Swaziland: The Urban Africa... read more >>
rap, revolt & coup d'etat in Burkina Faso

rap, revolt & coup d’etat in Burkina Faso

  All seemed possible in Burkina Faso. It sounded like a fairy tale, to good to be true. Last October the people had kicked out long time president Blaise Compaoré... read more >>