When Man Recordings label boss Daniel Haaksman was asked by Munich based Out Here records to remix Madera Limpia’s „Loco“ he was so enthusiastic about the parts he got sent that he locked himself up in a studio to create a mix of Madera Limpia that would fit his booty bouncing DJ sets. In his hands-up in the air, 100% booty shaking mix the melodic and rhythmical power of the original track was injected with pure dynamite: A bouncing uptempo beat, a thundering bass drum and a raved-up synth hook. This is „Loco – the Daniel Haaksman Remix“ which has been destroying dancefloors everywhere ever since Haaksman sent out promo MP3s of his remix to befriended DJ mates, such as Sinden, Diplo, DJ Beware or Zombie Disco Squad.