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All seemed possible in Burkina Faso. It sounded like a fairy tale, to good to be true. Last October the people had kicked out long time president Blaise Compaoré after he had declared he wanted to stay in power for a third turn. New democratic elections were set up for October 11th. Now with the elections approaching a military coup hit the country on the evening of the 16th of September. In the midst of it all: Smockey activist, rapper and spokesperson of „Le Balail Citoyen“ a youth movement for a better Burkina Faso. Smockey had to go underground because the situation has became dangerous for activists in his country. Military forces have even attacked his studio. „Pre’volution – Le president, ma moto et moi“ was supposed to be released on election day October 11th, now Smockey is caught up in new events that hit his country.

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