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Santrofi bringing Highlife back

Santrofi bringing Highlife back

Santrofi is a box-fresh group of young musicians from the Ghanaian capital of Accra, led by bass player Emmanuel Ofori.   They just played their first European tour across festivals as Roskilde, Sines, Womad, Fusion among others, where they left both the promoters as the public in awe, naming this...
Bassekou announces new album with "Deli"

Bassekou announces new album with „Deli“

Bassekou Kouyate announces his new album ‚Miri‚ with a first single ‚Deli‘. More about his new record:   Deli is a song about friendship. Real friendship is a blessing. Only death can separate true friends. Too often people forget about friendship but only think about money. After Bassekou’s mother died, Bassekou saw...
Awa new on Outhere Records

Awa new on Outhere Records

  Zimbabwean rapper AWA signed to Outhere Records. For the Bulawayo breed female rapper it is an exciting time. She has shared the stage with South African hiphop stars like Cassper Nyovest and HHP, collected experience working with Berlin based, global club production team Symbiz in Simbabwe, And is currently working on...
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba the story continues:

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba the story continues:

We are proud to announce our fruitful cooperation with Malian Ngoni Maestro Bassekou Kouyate.
Mokoomba are back

Mokoomba are back

After their huge success with their debut album ‚Rising tide‘, Zimbabwe’s most exciting new band finally returned tot he scene with their new album ‚Luyando‘ on Outhere records. After a spring tour in Europe, Mokoomba are now lighting up the stages all across the US with their incredible new acoustic...
Mokoomba new on Outhere Records

Mokoomba new on Outhere Records

We are proud to announce a new artist joining our roster. We welcome the young and talented band Mokoomba, one of Zimbabwes leading dance bands of today. We were happy to work with them in the studio in Munich on the final touches of their upcoming album „Luyando“ to be...
Urban Africa Club - Best of 2015

Urban Africa Club – Best of 2015

Here is our playlist of some of our favorite urban african club tunes 2015. Tune in and visit our blog:   Be it Kinshasa, Cape Town or Swaziland: The Urban Africa Club brings to you hidden gems and the continents biggest hits. Musical anthems foreseeing the revolt in Burkina Faso and spreading...
rap, revolt & coup d'etat in Burkina Faso

rap, revolt & coup d’etat in Burkina Faso

  All seemed possible in Burkina Faso. It sounded like a fairy tale, to good to be true. Last October the people had kicked out long time president Blaise Compaoré after he had declared he wanted to stay in power for a third turn. New democratic elections were set up...
Octopizzo tops iTunes charts in Kenya

Octopizzo tops iTunes charts in Kenya

  Octopizzo is currently the number 1 on the iTunes album charts in Kenya. His new album LDPC is the first kenyan record to make it on top of the charts. Leaving behind him international acts such as Beyoncé or Dr Dre’s with his new album Compton.   Get more info...
Terakaft strike back

Terakaft strike back

(Outhere Records OH028) Outhere records is proud to announce: ‚Alone‘ by Terakaft: produced by Justin Adams the album will be out: 8th of May 2015   Terakaft the pioneers of desert rock are back. With their most rock oriented offering to date and – at the same time – their most...
New song: Bassekou Kouyate

New song: Bassekou Kouyate

Bassekou Kouyate releases new song and video in support of the festival au désert celebrating its comeback in 2015. 
Octopizzo has 'Something for you'

Octopizzo has ‚Something for you‘

Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo comes up with a new offering ‚Something for you‘. The song is a musical contribution to the kenyan debate on a lack of originality in contemporary Kenyan pop music.  


Jupiter & Okwess International’s international debut album Hotel Univers


Santrofi - Alewa (album release: 24.04.20)

Santrofi – Alewa (album release: 24.04.20)

  Even without an album out: they have already set the world on fire freaking out audiences all over Europe on their 2019 summer festival tour including Sines in Portugal,... read more >>
#NuNairobi - Kenya's music hub

#NuNairobi – Kenya’s music hub

  #NuNairobi – Kenya’s music hub is a music compilation that introduces Nairobi’s new eclectic music scene, known as #NuNairobi. It is also a map of Nairobi and a website,... read more >>
Bassekou Kouyate - Miri

Bassekou Kouyate – Miri

(Outhere Records OH032)   Miri is an album about love, friendship, family and true values in times of crisis. Miri means dream or contemplation in bamana. On Miri Bassekou travels back to his hometown Garana, a... read more >>
Mokoomba - Luyando

Mokoomba – Luyando

(release date 10.March. 2017 / Outhere Records OH030)   Luyando is the self-produced third album by Zimbabwe’s most celebrated young band Mokoomba. The success of ‚Rising tide‘ and their incredible... read more >>